Sump Pumps

Installation, Service, and Repair of Sump Pump systems

The 2013 Calgary flood caught many homeowners off guard, since they had not protected their homes with a sump pump system. Sump pumps are emergency measures to pump water out of the basement of homes during extreme weather and plumbing emergencies. The lack of such a system allowed water to stay in the basement and low levels of the home, causing substantial damage to the structure and leading to mold growth. At Day and Knight Plumbing and Heating we provide a full range of sump pump services to keep your home and your family protected.

  • Installation: We will help you find the right sized pump for your home and get it installed as soon as possible. We can also show you battery backup options to keep your sump pump working, even if the power goes out.
  • Repair/Maintenance: Our relationship with our customers continues long after installation. Let us do the regular maintenance tasks that your sump pump needs so that it will be in tiptop shape before the next catastrophe.
  • Emergency Service: Should your pump break down, we have emergency services ready to respond to your calls and help to limit damage.