Gas Fitting

Gas Fitting Services

Natural gas powers some of the most important appliances in homes across Calgary and surrounding areas. From water heaters and stoves, to furnaces and cutting-edge air conditioners, proper natural gas fitting is necessary for home safety and comfort.


Our service technicians are licensed gas installers with years of experience solving difficult installation problems. Beyond gas lines for your appliances, let us show you how a permanent gas line to your outdoor grill can save you time and frustration when you want to barbecue.


While natural gas is vital to many homes, it can pose a significant health risk when there are problems with the line. We repair all makes of gas lines and unit heaters.

Emergency Services

Natural gas is colorless and hard to detect, so the warning signs of damage are subtle. The chief sign of a gas fitting problem is the smell of sulfur or “rotten eggs”, but you may hear a hissing sound or see dead grass in your yard. If you notice any of these signs, call our emergency services line, available 24/7, immediately. A natural gas leak is not a problem that can afford to be ignored.

Please call us for any of your gas line needs.