Tips for Clearing Clogged Drains Without Chemicals

Water pooling in the sink is not a good sign. Before the slow drain clogs completely, follow these steps to clear the plumbing without resorting to abrasive chemicals that could damage your pipes and pollute the water ways.

Clean Strainers

Sometimes a clogged strainer is the reason for a slow drain. Remove the...

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How to Clear a Clogged Drain

You know that sinking feeling you get when the water starts to back up in the bathroom sink? If you’re dreading a costly repair, start by trying to clear the clogged drain yourself. Here’s how.

Clean the Strainer or Stopper

If your sink has a strainer to collect hair and debris, remove it...

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5 Reasons Using a Water Softener Helps Save Energy

You may not have considered a water softener to be an energy saver before now, but because it can keep appliances, showerheads and faucets unclogged, a water softener proves to be a great energy saver in many Calgary homes. After all, our city has some of the hardest water in Western Canada. Here are...

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How to Test Your Sump Pump for Proper Operation

You can never predict when the next basement-damaging flood will arrive, which is undoubtedly the reason you had a sump pump installed in your basement. This device removes water that seeps in from the ground below your home and pumps it back outside.

Once installed, it’s wise to test the sump pump periodically to...

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